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TG300 PROFESSIONAL Gravity Slicer - IDEA SRL Brand- 30mm, Blade

TG300 PROFESSIONAL Gravity Slicer - IDEA SRL Brand- 30mm, Blade

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TG300 PROFESSIONAL Gravity Slicer - IDEA SRL Brand - 30mm, Blade 


The TG300 PROFESSIONAL Gravity Slicer by IDEA SRL is a high-quality slicing machine designed for professional use in the food industry. With its 30mm blade and gravity feed design, this slicer offers efficient and precise slicing of various food items. Whether you're slicing meats, cheeses, or vegetables, the TG300 PROFESSIONAL Gravity Slicer delivers consistent results with ease.

Key Features:

· Powerful Performance:
The TG300 PROFESSIONAL Gravity Slicer is equipped with a robust motor and a 30mm blade, allowing it to effortlessly slice through a wide range of food items. It provides consistent and precise slicing results, ensuring uniform slices every time.

· Gravity Feed Design:
The slicer features a gravity feed system, where the food item is placed on a tray and effortlessly slides towards the blade. This design ensures smooth and controlled slicing, reducing operator fatigue and increasing efficiency.

· Adjustable Slicing Thickness:
With the TG300 PROFESSIONAL Gravity Slicer, you can easily adjust the thickness of the slices to meet your specific requirements. It offers a wide range of slicing thickness options, allowing for versatility in food preparation.

· Sturdy Construction:
Built with durability in mind, this slicer features a sturdy construction that can withstand the demands of commercial kitchens. It is made from high-quality materials that are resistant to corrosion and easy to clean, ensuring long-lasting performance.

· Safety Features:
The TG300 PROFESSIONAL Gravity Slicer is designed with safety in mind. It comes equipped with safety features such as a blade guard, non-slip feet, and an ergonomic handle for secure operation. These features help prevent accidents and ensure user safety.

· Versatile Application:
This slicer is suitable for a wide range of food items, including meats, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables. It is an ideal tool for delis, restaurants, catering services, and other food establishments that require efficient and precise slicing.

Enhance your food preparation process with the TG300 PROFESSIONAL Gravity Slicer from IDEA SRL. Its powerful performance, adjustable slicing thickness, and user-friendly design make it an excellent choice for professional food slicing applications. Enjoy consistent, precise, and efficient slicing results with this high-quality gravity slicer.

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