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Metabo Hover Floor Nozzle - Ø 35mm, 370mm Wide, for Liquids (630329000)

Metabo Hover Floor Nozzle - Ø 35mm, 370mm Wide, for Liquids (630329000)

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Metabo Hover Floor Nozzle - Ø 35mm, 370mm Wide, for Liquids (630329000)



The Metabo Hover Floor Nozzle is a high-quality accessory designed for efficient cleaning of liquids. This particular nozzle is compatible with a Ø 35mm connection and has a width of 370mm, providing effective coverage for liquid cleaning tasks. Here are the key features of the Metabo Hover Floor Nozzle:


Key Features:


  • Liquid Cleaning:

The floor nozzle is specifically designed for cleaning liquids, making it suitable for tasks such as water spills, cleaning up liquid messes, or extracting liquids from surfaces.


  • Size and Compatibility:

The nozzle has a Ø 35mm connection, which is compatible with various Metabo vacuum cleaners and other vacuum systems with the same connection size. The 370mm width ensures efficient coverage and effective cleaning.


  • High-Quality Construction:

The floor nozzle is made from durable materials to ensure long-lasting performance. It is designed to withstand regular use and provide reliable cleaning results.


  • Efficient Cleaning Performance:

The nozzle is engineered to provide efficient liquid cleaning, with an optimized design that helps to effectively pick up liquids from surfaces. It aids in the swift and thorough removal of liquid spills or messes.


  • Easy Attachment:

The floor nozzle is designed for easy attachment to compatible vacuum cleaners. Simply connect it to the Ø 35mm connection on your vacuum cleaner and it is ready for use.


Choose the Metabo Hover Floor Nozzle for efficient and effective cleaning of liquids. Its high-quality construction, compatibility with Ø 35mm connections, and optimized design make it a reliable accessory for liquid cleaning tasks. Trust Metabo's reputation for quality and performance with the Hover Floor Nozzle (630329000).

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