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Makita Grinding Disc A-80955 - 230 x 6mm, for Steel - New in Pack

Makita Grinding Disc A-80955 - 230 x 6mm, for Steel - New in Pack

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Makita Grinding Disc A-80955 - 230 x 6mm, for Steel - New in Pack


The Makita Grinding Disc A-80955 is a high-quality abrasive tool specifically designed for grinding steel materials. With a diameter of 230mm and a thickness of 6.0mm, this grinding disc is optimized for efficient and precise steel grinding. Here are the key features of the Makita Grinding Disc A-80955:

Key Features:

· Steel Grinding Performance:
The A-80955 grinding disc is engineered for grinding steel materials. It offers excellent performance in removing material, smoothing surfaces, and shaping steel workpieces.

· High-Quality Abrasive Material:
Crafted from premium-grade abrasive material, this grinding disc ensures durability and extended service life. It can withstand demanding grinding applications and provide consistent performance.

· Precise and Efficient Grinding:
The disc's design allows for precise and efficient grinding operations. It provides controlled material removal, allowing you to achieve the desired results with accuracy and speed.

· Compatibility:
The A-80955 grinding disc is designed to be compatible with Makita angle grinders or other grinders that support a 230mm disc size. It ensures a secure fit and reliable performance during grinding operations.

· Safety Considerations:
When using the grinding disc, it is essential to follow safety guidelines, including wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as safety goggles, gloves, and a face shield. Adhere to the manufacturer's safety recommendations and local regulations.

The Makita Grinding Disc A-80955, with its specialized design for steel grinding, high-quality abrasive material, precise and efficient grinding performance, and compatibility with Makita angle grinders, is an excellent choice for steel fabrication, metalworking, and other related applications. Enhance your grinding capabilities with this 230mm disc and experience efficient and accurate steel grinding results.S

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