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Hilti DC-SE20 Wall Chaser Tool - Efficient Diamond Slitting Machine for Wall Chasing

Hilti DC-SE20 Wall Chaser Tool - Efficient Diamond Slitting Machine for Wall Chasing

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Hilti DC-SE20 Wall Chaser Tool - Efficient Diamond Slitting Machine for Wall Chasing



The Hilti DC-SE20 Wall Chaser Tool is a versatile and efficient diamond slitting machine designed for precise wall chasing applications. Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, this tool provides clean and accurate cuts for creating channels in various types of walls. With its high-quality construction and advanced features, the DC-SE20 wall chaser tool ensures efficient and reliable performance. Here are the key features of the Hilti DC-SE20 Wall Chaser Tool:


Key Features:


  • Diamond Blades:

The DC-SE20 wall chaser tool is equipped with high-quality diamond blades that deliver exceptional cutting performance and durability. The diamond blades are specifically designed to cut through different materials, including concrete, masonry, and brick, with precision and efficiency.


  • Adjustable Cutting Width:

The tool allows for adjustable cutting widths, with a maximum width of 46mm. This feature provides flexibility, allowing you to create channels of various sizes to suit your specific requirements.


  • Ergonomic Design:

The DC-SE20 tool features an ergonomic design that ensures user comfort and control during operation. The well-balanced and lightweight design enables easy maneuverability, allowing for efficient and precise cuts even in confined spaces.


  • Dust Extraction System:

The wall chaser tool is equipped with a dust extraction system that helps minimize dust and debris during cutting. This feature improves visibility, reduces cleanup time, and promotes a cleaner and healthier work environment.


  • Powerful Motor:

The tool is powered by a high-performance motor that delivers sufficient power for continuous and reliable operation. The motor is designed to provide consistent cutting performance, ensuring smooth and accurate results.


  • Depth Adjustment:

The DC-SE20 tool allows for easy depth adjustment, allowing you to set the desired cutting depth with precision. This feature ensures versatility, enabling you to achieve the desired channel depth for different wall chasing applications.


  • Durable Construction:

The wall chaser tool is built to withstand the demands of heavy-duty use. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting durability, even in challenging job site conditions, providing you with a reliable tool for your projects.


Choose the Hilti DC-SE20 Wall Chaser Tool for efficient and precise wall chasing applications. Its diamond blades, adjustable cutting width, ergonomic design, dust extraction system, and powerful motor make it an essential tool for creating clean and accurate channels in various wall materials. Trust Hilti's reputation for quality and performance to meet your wall chasing needs with confidence.

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