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Hilti Nails NK47 S12 14139/41062 - 47mm - Pack of 20 - Nails for Secure Fastening

Hilti Nails NK47 S12 14139/41062 - 47mm - Pack of 20 - Nails for Secure Fastening

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Hilti Nails NK47 S12 14139/41062 - 47mm - Pack of 20 - Nails for Secure Fastening



The Hilti Nails NK47 S12 14139/41062 are premium-grade steel/concrete nails designed to provide secure and reliable fastening in construction applications. These nails are engineered for strength and durability, offering excellent holding power in both steel and concrete surfaces. Here are the key features of the Hilti Nails NK47 S12 14139/41062:


Key Features:


  • Steel/Concrete Nails:

These nails are specifically designed for fastening in steel and concrete materials. They are versatile and suitable for various construction projects, including framing, woodworking, and general assembly.


  • 47mm Length:

With a length of 47mm, these nails offer excellent penetration and a secure connection. The longer length is suitable for thicker materials and provides enhanced holding power for reliable fastening.


  • S12 Shank Type:

The nails feature an S12 shank type, ensuring compatibility with Hilti nail guns and other compatible nailers. The S12 shank design provides a secure fit and reliable firing, maximizing productivity and efficiency during fastening tasks.


  • High-Strength Construction:

These nails are constructed from high-strength steel, ensuring exceptional durability and resistance to bending or breaking. They are built to withstand demanding conditions, providing long-lasting and reliable fastening results.


  • Pack of 20:

The Hilti Nails NK47 S12 14139/41062 come conveniently packaged in a quantity of 20 nails per pack. This quantity is suitable for small to medium-sized projects, offering a cost-effective solution for your fastening needs.


  • Professional-Grade Performance:

Designed for professional use, these nails deliver consistent and reliable performance in construction applications. They provide excellent holding power and ensure secure fastening, meeting the high standards of construction professionals.


Achieve secure and reliable fastening with the Hilti Nails NK47 S12 14139/41062. Their high-strength construction, compatibility with Hilti nail guns, and versatility in steel and concrete applications make them a trusted choice for construction professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Rely on Hilti's commitment to delivering top-quality fastening solutions for your construction projects.

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