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Hilti Chisel TE-YP SM 50 500mm (282265) - Pointed Chisel for Concrete and Masonry

Hilti Chisel TE-YP SM 50 500mm (282265) - Pointed Chisel for Concrete and Masonry

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Hilti Chisel TE-YP SM 50 500mm (282265) - Pointed Chisel for Concrete and Masonry



The Hilti Chisel TE-YP SM 50 is a versatile pointed chisel designed for concrete and masonry applications. With its durable construction and precision design, this chisel is built to deliver efficient and reliable performance. Whether you're working on demolition, renovation, or construction projects, the TE-YP SM 50 chisel is an essential tool for chiseling, breaking, and shaping concrete and masonry surfaces. Here are its key features:


Key Features:


  • Durable Construction:

The TE-YP SM 50 chisel is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting performance. It is designed to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty applications in concrete and masonry.


  • 500mm Length:

The 500mm length of the chisel provides sufficient reach and flexibility for various tasks. It allows for efficient material removal and precise control during chiseling operations.


  • Pointed Chisel Design:

The TE-YP SM 50 features a pointed chisel design, which is ideal for precise chiseling and breaking applications. The pointed tip allows for accurate and controlled material removal, making it suitable for shaping and detailing work.


  • Versatile Applications:

The TE-YP SM 50 chisel is suitable for a wide range of applications, including chiseling, breaking, and shaping concrete, brick, and stone surfaces. It is commonly used in demolition, renovation, and construction projects.


  • TE-YP Shank:

The chisel features a TE-YP shank, providing a secure and reliable connection with Hilti's range of compatible rotary hammers. The TE-YP system ensures optimal power transfer and efficient operation.


  • Efficient Chiseling Performance:

The TE-YP SM 50 chisel is designed to deliver efficient and precise chiseling performance. It allows for quick material removal and effective shaping of concrete and masonry surfaces.


  • Compatibility:

The TE-YP SM 50 chisel is compatible with Hilti's range of rotary hammers that support the TE-YP shank. Ensure that your rotary hammer is compatible with TE-YP shank chisels to achieve optimal performance.


Experience efficient and precise chiseling in concrete and masonry with the Hilti Chisel TE-YP SM 50. Its durable construction, pointed chisel design, and compatibility with Hilti rotary hammers make it a reliable tool for various demolition and construction tasks. Trust in Hilti's reputation for quality and innovation in the construction industry.

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