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Hilti Chisel TE-SP SM 50mm x 500mm (2065554) - Pointed Chisel - Precise & Efficient Material Removal

Hilti Chisel TE-SP SM 50mm x 500mm (2065554) - Pointed Chisel - Precise & Efficient Material Removal

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Hilti Chisel TE-SP SM 50mm x 500mm (2065554) - Pointed Chisel - Precise & Efficient Material Removal



The Hilti Chisel TE-SP SM 50 is a versatile and high-performance tool designed for precise and efficient material removal. Whether you're working on a demolition project, removing tiles, or shaping stone surfaces, this pointed chisel delivers exceptional performance and durability. Here are its key features:


Key Features:


  • Pointed Chisel Design:

The TE-SP SM 50 chisel features a pointed design that allows for precise and targeted material removal. It is ideal for applications where accuracy and control are essential, such as chipping away at concrete, breaking through masonry, or removing stubborn materials.


  • Heavy-Duty Construction:

This chisel is built to withstand demanding conditions and extended use. It is crafted from high-quality materials that ensure exceptional durability and resistance to wear and tear. The robust construction enables the chisel to withstand high impact forces, providing reliable performance over time.


  • 500mm Length:

With a length of 500mm, the TE-SP SM 50 chisel offers extended reach and leverage. This length is suitable for accessing hard-to-reach areas and working in confined spaces. It allows for efficient material removal even in challenging locations.


  • Compatibility:

The chisel is designed to be used with Hilti's SDS-Max rotary hammers, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance. It can be easily inserted and securely locked into the hammer, allowing for quick and effortless tool changes.


  • Versatile Applications:

The TE-SP SM 50 chisel is suitable for a wide range of applications, including demolition, chiseling, and shaping tasks. It can be used on various materials such as concrete, masonry, tiles, and stone. The pointed design provides precise control and allows for accurate material removal.


  • Reliable Performance:

The TE-SP SM 50 chisel delivers reliable and consistent performance, enabling efficient material removal. It is designed to withstand high impact forces and resist wear, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding applications.


Trust in the Hilti Chisel TE-SP SM 50 Pointed Chisel for your material removal needs. With its durable construction, pointed design, and compatibility with Hilti SDS-Max rotary hammers, this chisel offers precise and efficient performance. Take on your toughest material removal tasks with confidence using the TE-SP SM 50 chisel and experience the reliability and quality that Hilti is known for.

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