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Hilti PMC 46 Combi Laser Kit (411210) - Versatile and Accurate Laser Alignment

Hilti PMC 46 Combi Laser Kit (411210) - Versatile and Accurate Laser Alignment

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Hilti PMC 46 Combi Laser Kit (411210) - Versatile and Accurate Laser Alignment



The Hilti PMC 46 Combi Laser Kit is a versatile and reliable laser alignment tool designed for precise leveling, aligning, and plumbing tasks. Whether you're working on construction projects or performing interior installations, this laser kit provides accurate results and saves you time and effort. Here are its key features:


Key Features:


  • Dual Functionality:

The PMC 46 Combi Laser offers both a 360-degree horizontal laser line and two vertical laser lines at 90 degrees to each other. This allows for versatile alignment and leveling applications, making it suitable for various tasks such as installing partition walls, aligning cabinets, and setting up electrical and plumbing fixtures.


  • Easy Operation:

The laser kit is designed for user-friendly operation. It features a simple control panel with intuitive buttons and a clear display for easy visibility of laser lines. This ensures quick setup and precise alignment without any complicated procedures.


  • High Accuracy:

The PMC 46 Combi Laser provides high-precision laser lines with an accuracy of ±0.3 mm/m. This level of accuracy ensures precise alignment and reliable results, even for demanding applications that require strict tolerances.


  • Self-Leveling Function:

The laser automatically self-levels within a range of ±5 degrees, which eliminates the need for manual adjustments and ensures accurate alignment. The self-leveling feature saves time and reduces errors during setup.


  • Durable Construction:

The PMC 46 Combi Laser is built to withstand tough job site conditions. It is designed with robust housing and a rubberized exterior that provides excellent protection against impact and water splashes, allowing for reliable operation in challenging environments.


  • Versatile Mounting Options:

The laser kit includes a versatile PMA 20 tripod adapter and a strong magnetic base for flexible mounting on various surfaces. This allows for easy positioning and stability during operation, enhancing the convenience and accuracy of the laser alignment.


  • Portability and Storage:

The PMC 46 Combi Laser Kit comes with a durable carrying case that provides secure storage and easy transportation. The case is designed to protect the laser and its accessories, allowing you to bring it to different job sites with ease.


Enhance your alignment and leveling tasks with the Hilti PMC 46 Combi Laser Kit. Its dual functionality, high accuracy, self-leveling feature, and durable construction make it an essential tool for professionals in the construction and interior installation industry. Trust in Hilti's commitment to quality and precision, and experience efficient and accurate laser alignment with the PMC 46 Combi Laser Kit.

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