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Hilti Battery Pack B 14.1.6 - 14V/1.6Ah Li-Ion - 2625569 / 426174 - Battery For Hilti Tools

Hilti Battery Pack B 14.1.6 - 14V/1.6Ah Li-Ion - 2625569 / 426174 - Battery For Hilti Tools

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Hilti Battery Pack B 14.1.6 - 14V/1.6Ah Li-Ion - 2625569 / 426174 - Battery For Hilti Tools



The Hilti 2625569 B 14.1.6 Li-Ion Battery Pack is a reliable and high-performance power source designed for Hilti tools. Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, this battery pack provides the power and performance you need to get the job done. Here are its key features:


Key Features:


  • Li-Ion Technology:

The battery pack is equipped with Li-Ion technology, which offers several advantages over other battery types. Li-Ion batteries provide higher energy density, longer run times, and faster charging compared to conventional batteries.


  • 14V Voltage Rating:

The battery pack has a voltage rating of 14V, providing ample power to drive Hilti tools and equipment. It ensures consistent and reliable performance, allowing you to work efficiently and complete your tasks with ease.


  • 6Ah Capacity:

With a capacity of 1.6Ah, the battery pack offers sufficient power for a wide range of applications. It provides extended run times, reducing the need for frequent battery changes and maximizing your productivity.


  • Quick Charging:

The battery pack is designed for fast charging, allowing you to spend less time waiting for your batteries to charge and more time working on your projects. Rapid charging ensures minimal downtime, keeping you productive on the job site.


  • Compatibility:

The Hilti 2625569 B 14.1.6 battery pack is designed to be compatible with Hilti tools and equipment that require a 14V power source. It provides a seamless fit and reliable power delivery, ensuring optimal performance of your Hilti tools.


  • Durable Construction:

The battery pack is built to withstand the demands of construction and industrial environments. It features a robust and durable construction that can handle daily use and provides long-lasting performance.


  • Efficient Power Management:

The battery pack is equipped with efficient power management technology, which helps optimize power usage and extend battery life. This ensures that you can work for longer periods without interruption.


Invest in the reliable power of the Hilti 2625569 B 14.1.6 14V/1.6Ah Li-Ion Battery Pack for your Hilti tools. Its Li-Ion technology, high capacity, quick charging, and compatibility with Hilti tools make it an essential accessory for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Trust in Hilti's reputation for quality and innovation in power tools and accessories.

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