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DEWALT DRILL BIT DT50498-XJ HSSG Drill Bit 18.0mm Pack Of 1 Nf Free Fast Post UK

DEWALT DRILL BIT DT50498-XJ HSSG Drill Bit 18.0mm Pack Of 1 Nf Free Fast Post UK

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DEWALT DRILL BIT DT50498-XJ HSSG Drill Bit 18.0mm Pack Of 1 Nf Free Fast Post UK



The DeWalt DT50498-XJ HSSG Drill Bit is a high-quality tool designed for efficient drilling in various materials. Whether you're a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, this drill bit offers reliable performance and durability. With its high-speed steel construction and precision engineering, the DT50498-XJ Drill Bit ensures clean and accurate holes. Here are the key features of the DeWalt DT50498-XJ HSSG Drill Bit:


Key Features:


  • High-Speed Steel Construction:

The drill bit is made from high-speed steel (HSSG), which provides exceptional strength and durability. This construction material allows for efficient drilling in a wide range of materials, including metal, wood, and plastics.


  • Efficient Drilling Performance:

The DT50498-XJ Drill Bit is engineered with a sharp cutting edge that ensures fast and smooth drilling. It offers excellent chip evacuation, reducing the risk of clogging and enhancing drilling efficiency.


  • Versatile Size:

The drill bit has a diameter of 18.0mm, making it suitable for various drilling applications. Whether you need to drill holes for fixtures, fittings, or general woodworking tasks, this size provides versatility for different projects.


  • Pack of 1:

The DT50498-XJ comes in a pack of one, allowing you to conveniently purchase the exact quantity you need for your drilling tasks.


  • Compatibility:

The drill bit is designed to be used with drills or impact drivers with a compatible chuck system. It is compatible with most standard drill chucks, ensuring easy and secure attachment.


  • Professional Quality:

DeWalt is a trusted brand known for its high-quality power tools and accessories. The DT50498-XJ Drill Bit lives up to the brand's reputation for excellence and is suitable for both professional and DIY use.


Experience efficient and precise drilling with the DeWalt DT50498-XJ HSSG Drill Bit. Its high-speed steel construction, efficient drilling performance, versatile size, and compatibility make it an excellent choice for various drilling applications. Invest in the DT50498-XJ Drill Bit and achieve clean and accurate holes in your projects.

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