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BOSCH CHARGER GAL1230CV 12V Li-Ion 89mm x 48mm x 83mm FAST POST UK

BOSCH CHARGER GAL1230CV 12V Li-Ion 89mm x 48mm x 83mm FAST POST UK

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BOSCH CHARGER GAL1230CV 12V Li-Ion 89mm x 48mm x 83mm FAST POST UK



The Bosch GAL 1230 CV Charger is a compact and efficient charger designed specifically for Bosch 12V lithium-ion batteries. Whether you're a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, this charger provides a reliable solution for keeping your 12V batteries charged and ready to power your cordless tools. With its compact size and intelligent charging capabilities, the Bosch GAL 1230 CV Charger offers convenience and performance. Let's explore its key features:


Key Features:


  • Compatibility:

The GAL 1230 CV Charger is designed for charging Bosch 12V lithium-ion batteries. It is compatible with a range of Bosch 12V battery models, providing you with a versatile charging solution for your cordless tools.


  • Compact Design:

This charger features a compact and space-saving design, making it easy to transport and store. With dimensions of 89mm x 48mm x 83mm, it takes up minimal space in your workshop or toolbox.


  • Fast Charging:

The GAL 1230 CV Charger delivers fast charging times, allowing you to quickly recharge your batteries and reduce downtime. It provides a high charging current to ensure efficient and speedy charging performance.


  • Intelligent Charging System:

Equipped with an intelligent charging system, this charger optimizes the charging process to maximize battery life and performance. It monitors the battery's voltage and temperature, adjusting the charging parameters accordingly for safe and efficient charging.


  • Charge Level Indicator:

The charger features a convenient charge level indicator that allows you to monitor the charging progress. It provides clear visual feedback on the current state of charge of your battery, helping you plan your work accordingly.


  • Safety Features:

Bosch prioritizes safety, and the GAL 1230 CV Charger is designed with protective measures against overcharging, overheating, and short circuits. This ensures safe and reliable charging operations, giving you peace of mind.


Experience efficient and convenient charging with the Bosch GAL 1230 CV Charger. Its compact design, compatibility with Bosch 12V lithium-ion batteries, and intelligent charging system make it an essential accessory for powering your cordless tools. Rely on Bosch's reputation for quality and innovation with the GAL 1230 CV Charger.

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