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VITECTOR-OSE-S-5012/ PHOTO EYE NEMA-4 Safety Solution for Automated Doors

VITECTOR-OSE-S-5012/ PHOTO EYE NEMA-4 Safety Solution for Automated Doors

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VITECTOR-OSE-S-5012/ PHOTO EYE NEMA-4 Safety Solution for Automated Doors


The OSE-S 5012 Optical Sensing Edge is an innovative safety device designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of automated doors. This sensing edge utilizes optical technology to detect obstacles and provide immediate feedback to the door system, ensuring prompt and reliable obstruction detection. Here are the key features of the OSE-S 5012 Optical Sensing Edge:

Key Features:

· Advanced Obstruction Detection:
The OSE-S 5012 utilizes optical sensors to detect any obstacles in the path of an automated door. It quickly identifies obstructions, such as objects or individuals, preventing door closure and reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

· Real-time Feedback:
When an obstruction is detected, the sensing edge provides real-time feedback to the door control system. This allows the system to respond immediately by stopping or reversing the door movement, ensuring the safety of individuals in the vicinity.

· High Sensitivity:
The optical sensors of the OSE-S 5012 have high sensitivity, enabling them to detect even small objects or delicate obstacles. This ensures comprehensive obstruction detection and minimizes the chance of accidental door closure on objects or people.

· Durable Construction:
The OSE-S 5012 is built to withstand the demands of various environments. It features a robust construction with reliable components, ensuring durability and long-term performance even in challenging conditions.

· Easy Installation:
The sensing edge is designed for easy installation and integration with automated door systems. It can be easily mounted along the door edges, requiring minimal time and effort for setup.

· Versatile Application:
The OSE-S 5012 is suitable for a wide range of automated door applications, including commercial buildings, industrial facilities, retail spaces, and more. It provides an essential safety feature for any environment where automated doors are utilized.

Ensure the safety and reliability of your automated doors with the OSE-S 5012 Optical Sensing Edge. With its advanced obstruction detection capabilities, real-time feedback, and easy installation, this sensing edge is an essential component for creating a safe and efficient environment. Trust in the OSE-S 5012 to enhance the safety of your automated door systems and protect both people and property.

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