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Makita EK6100 Petrol Stone Saw 305mm - Powerful Disc Cutter for Stone Cutting

Makita EK6100 Petrol Stone Saw 305mm - Powerful Disc Cutter for Stone Cutting

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Makita EK6100 Petrol Stone Saw 305mm - Powerful Disc Cutter for Stone Cutting

The Makita EK6100 Petrol Stone Saw is a high-performance 305mm disc cutter specifically designed for stone cutting applications. Powered by a reliable 2-stroke petrol engine, this saw delivers the power and performance required to tackle challenging stone cutting tasks with ease. Whether you're working on construction projects, landscaping, or masonry work, the EK6100 provides precise and efficient cutting for a wide range of stone materials. Here are the key features of the Makita EK6100 Petrol Stone Saw:

Key Features:

· Powerful 2-Stroke Engine: The EK6100 is equipped with a powerful 2-stroke petrol engine, providing the necessary cutting power for stone materials. The engine's high torque and RPM ensure efficient cutting performance, making it ideal for demanding stone cutting tasks.

· 305mm Cutting Disc: The stone saw features a large 305mm cutting disc that enables precise and deep cuts in various stone materials. The size of the disc allows for efficient cutting and faster work progress, increasing productivity on the job site.

· Easy-Start System: Makita has incorporated an easy-start system in the EK6100, making it quick and effortless to start the engine. The decompression valve and primer pump assist in easy starting, saving time and effort.

· Advanced Air Filtration System: To protect the engine and enhance its longevity, the stone saw is equipped with an advanced air filtration system. This system reduces dust and debris intake, ensuring cleaner air intake and optimal engine performance.

· Ergonomic Design: The EK6100 is designed with user comfort in mind. It features an ergonomic handle and a well-balanced design, reducing fatigue during extended use. The comfortable grip allows for precise control and maneuverability during cutting operations.

· Durable Construction: Makita has constructed the stone saw with durability in mind. It features a rugged build and high-quality materials, ensuring it can withstand the demands of stone cutting applications in harsh environments.

· Safety Features: The stone saw is equipped with safety features to prioritize operator safety. These include a blade guard, throttle lock, and easy-access stop button, providing added protection and control during operation.

The Makita EK6100 Petrol Stone Saw is a reliable and powerful tool for stone cutting applications. With its powerful 2-stroke engine, large cutting disc, easy-start system, and ergonomic design, it delivers efficient and precise cutting performance. Experience the power and versatility of the Makita EK6100 Petrol Stone Saw for your stone cutting needs.

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