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Hilti MDB Masonry Drill Bit 8mm x 120mm 305055 - High-Quality Masonry Drill Bit

Hilti MDB Masonry Drill Bit 8mm x 120mm 305055 - High-Quality Masonry Drill Bit

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Hilti MDB Masonry Drill Bit 8mm x 120mm 305055 - High-Quality Masonry Drill Bit



The Hilti MDB Masonry Drill Bit 8x120mm 305055 is a high-quality drill bit designed specifically for masonry applications. Whether you're a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, this drill bit offers reliable performance and durability. Here are the key features of the Hilti MDB Masonry Drill Bit:


Key Features:


  • Masonry Drill Bit:

The Hilti MDB Masonry Drill Bit is specifically designed for drilling into masonry materials such as brick, concrete, and stone. It is an essential tool for various construction, renovation, and repair projects.


  • 8mm Diameter:

With a diameter of 8mm, this drill bit creates precise holes of this size. It is suitable for applications that require smaller diameter holes, such as installing anchors, screws, or dowels in masonry surfaces.


  • 120mm Length:

The 120mm length of this drill bit offers sufficient reach for most common drilling tasks. It provides versatility and allows you to drill through thicker masonry materials.


  • High-Quality Construction:

The drill bit is made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. It features a hardened steel body that can withstand the rigors of masonry drilling, providing long-lasting performance.


  • Efficient Drilling:

The drill bit's innovative flute design and sharp cutting edges facilitate efficient material removal and reduce drilling time. This ensures smooth and clean holes without excessive force or vibration.


  • Compatibility:

The Hilti MDB Masonry Drill Bit is compatible with various drill models and brands that support the SDS Plus shank system. It can be used with Hilti rotary hammers and other SDS Plus drilling machines for optimal performance.


  • Versatile Applications:

This drill bit is suitable for a wide range of masonry applications, including installing fixtures, anchors, and fasteners in walls, floors, or ceilings. It is also commonly used for plumbing, electrical, and HVAC installations.


  • Easy Identification:

The drill bit is labeled with clear markings, including the diameter and length, for easy identification and selection from your toolbox or drill bit set.


Experience efficient and reliable drilling performance with the Hilti MDB Masonry Drill Bit 8x120mm 305055. Its high-quality construction, specific dimensions, and compatibility with SDS Plus drilling systems make it a dependable choice for masonry drilling tasks. Trust Hilti's expertise in providing professional-grade drilling solutions.

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