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DEWALT DT9864-QZ - Wet Diamond Core Drill Bit 16 mm (Concrete / Masonry)

DEWALT DT9864-QZ - Wet Diamond Core Drill Bit 16 mm (Concrete / Masonry)

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DEWALT DT9864-QZ Wet Diamond Core Drill Bit 16mm (Concrete/Masonry)


The DEWALT DT9864-QZ Wet Diamond Core Drill Bit is a high-quality tool designed for drilling precise holes in concrete, masonry, and other hard materials. With its wet drilling capability, this diamond core drill bit offers efficient and clean drilling performance, reducing heat and dust during operation. The 16mm diameter makes it suitable for various applications, including plumbing, electrical installations, and general construction.


Key Features:

  • Wet Drilling: The DT9864-QZ is specifically designed for wet drilling applications. By using water as a coolant, it helps to prolong the life of the drill bit and maintain optimal drilling performance. Wet drilling also reduces dust and heat, providing a cleaner and safer working environment.


  • Diamond Core: The drill bit features a diamond core, which offers exceptional hardness and durability. The diamond segments are carefully designed and positioned to deliver fast and efficient drilling, even in tough materials.



  • 16mm Diameter: With a 16mm diameter, this drill bit is ideal for drilling small to medium-sized holes. It is suitable for various applications, including installing electrical conduits, plumbing pipes, anchor bolts, and more.


  • Precision Drilling: The DT9864-QZ ensures precise drilling results, thanks to its high-quality construction and sharp diamond cutting edges. It allows for clean and accurate holes with minimal chipping or breakout.



  • Compatibility: This diamond core drill bit is designed for use with DEWALT diamond drilling systems and other compatible drilling rigs. It can be easily attached to your drilling equipment for efficient and controlled drilling.


  • Versatile Application: The DT9864-QZ is suitable for drilling in concrete, masonry, brick, and other similar materials. It is an excellent choice for professionals in the construction, plumbing, and electrical industries.


Experience efficient and precise drilling with the DEWALT DT9864-QZ Wet Diamond Core Drill Bit. Its wet drilling capability, diamond core construction, 16mm diameter, and compatibility with drilling rigs make it a reliable tool for a wide range of applications. Trust DEWALT's reputation for quality and performance and achieve outstanding drilling results with the DT9864-QZ drill bit.

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